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War drives inflation, this is the time things will change. Inflation will drive the new paradigm…WE CHOOSE WHAT COMES NEXT. Do not beg the gov. to come in with “helicopter money” by then it will be to late. The markets always do an accounting! We are in for a HUGE RE-VALUATION of our current monetary system and guess which commodities with be the beneficiaries???


Every “fiat” currency has failed over 5000 years, what makes the dollar any different backed by NOTHING. History shows we have a new monetary system every 30-40 years its been over 30 now…

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So there you have it, the time is ticking folks. Did you know there are 14 people for every 1 troy ounce of silver that is above ground. That wasn’t a joke. Seriously look at the Stock Market get into Silver Gold and American Liberty Currency as their (Norfed) Collector value, coupled with less than 5% of notes left out their make this a buyers market for the time being. I’ll always say listen to all, follow none. DO your own research, don’t take my word for it.

Silver is a commodity that I predict will equal or surpass the value of Gold simply because it is not revered as Gold is. Silver gets thrown away because it is used in such minute’ amounts. Guess what? That means no recycling like Gold. One more thing, Silver is only second to Oil in its 10,000 uses from the mirror you look in and the keyboard you type on their is silver there. What do you think companies like Apple are going to do when the market corrects? Stop selling I phones…No the price will rise.

Inflation will continue to rise and the beneficiary of the largest generational transfer of wealth will be those who had the foresight to look at something undervalued and purchase it. Listen to all, Follow none. Remain adaptable and Don’t be a fool. Protect yourself. I have nothing to gain by telling you this…check out my eBay page for a 100% feedback seller of Silver and American Liberty Silver Certificates.

Look up the story of Bernard Von Nauthaus and you will see, we could have had it figured out in 1998 but nope, Greed took over but guess what at the end of every depression there is an opportunity. You just have to be aware enough to realize it. I’d rather be 10 years early than one day late on this one folks. You thought 2008 was bad that was just the U.S. now the whole world’s currencies are tied together through the dollar backed by nothing created by a private corporation, the federal reserve. Most will deny this Keynesian system can falter, but it has and it will have devastating consequences for those who are not prepared.

(The federal reserve) not owned by government, in fact it is so secret nobody really knows for sure who it’s stake holders are but we have a pretty good idea…get out of Cryptos, the government will smash you like Mr. Von Nauthaus. The senate bill is already created for “terrorists” like yourselves in the cryptos. That is financing the drug trade and WMD’s don’t you know.

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