Passive Earning Strategies

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The following strategies have been tried and tested either by myself, a family member or recommended by a friend.

These 5 money making strategies changed my life, simply click the link (if requested) in each strategy to start!

1. The App Store (iOS or Android) there are countless free apps that will pay you for doing this that and the other. TAKE ADVANTAGE. One app called “Sweat Coin” pays you to exercise! Plenty of time consuming ways to make $1 or $500 through these online apps.

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3. Affiliate Marketing is convenient and quickly creates a non-stop income stream.  I use CLICK HERE –>> ClickBank

4. Reading and Listening to Audio’s all of the time is certainly going to up your financial IQ. I use CLICK HERE –>> This site. Audios are especially beneficial in the car. “Drive time University.”

5. Perseverance, Progress, Critical Thinking and CLICK HERE –>> My #5 top pick will change your life forever, I can’t be the only one these techniques work for.

Reading Body Language is the surest way for you to succeed in this dog-eat-dog world we live in, If for instance you find yourself in a situation where you have trouble looking people in the eye? Perhaps, when appropriate, instead of focusing on becoming embarrassed; simply count the number of blinks. Of course this is a simplified example for direct eye contact only….many others will also have you CLICK HERE –>> networking in no time!!

This is the stuff I’m talking about, simple easy to do steps that help you progress toward your dream.

Last but not least, remember it takes a money to make money most of the time. I  have done all the heavy lifting, researched what fails and upsets you and found techniques that will give goosebumps when your first check arrives to your home. Remember, Don’t give up that’s what “They” do! Great opportunities await you. Remember “it is the plan not the amount.” I hope you find these techniques as helpful as I did!

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


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