Become a Writer

I’m so excited that you are interested in becoming a writer or maybe you clicked this link on accident. LOL I don’t know many people, (at least around me in my life) that enjoy writing or reading.

Hmm…Anyway if you are interested in what makes a successful writer in the different styles of writers, reach out to me. I can provide you that service like no one else can. I write articles, poems, love letters, grant proposals, term papers, etc.. I have a certification in Grant Proposal Writing. I spent two years of college aquiring it. I have degrees in Psychology and practice as an Addiction Counselor (LAC) If you need a “ghost writer” or just help with the English Language, contact me for a FREE one on one consultation. I can proofread for you, provide ideas, and make sure you use the correct spelling and grammar needed. I can create resumes’ and write papers no matter what topic or how many pages. OR I will train you to become a writer in 3 simple steps. for more details