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A window of clarity

I have found a new level of respect for those suffering through the trauma of medication withdrawal. This is the most difficult experience I have ever faced with symptoms of intense derealization, depersonalization, obsessive unwanted thoughts, paranoid ideation, insomnia, brain fog, not to mention all of the physical aches and pains…I know I will succeed through this dark period of benzodiazepine & opiate withdrawal. I have found strength I never knew I had and if you or anybody you know is going through this too, just know, this too shall pass…Every symptom experienced is an indication of your mind and body healing itself. I find myself having to remind myself often that “this symptom is not indicative of who I am, my mind is healing, my body is healing, I am of sound mind and health.” This whole process is the most bizarre thing I have ever experienced…It’s tough to be labeled an “addict” when you think a treatment you are on is helping only to find it’s ruining your life. I hope this message gives hope to someone. Never give up hope!! This book is keeping my sanity along with long hot baths-Drug free for 2 months today God bless my Family for putting up with me!

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