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Who are You?


I have come to the realization that I am not my feelings. I am also not my body or my mind. I am consciousness watching it all happen to me and for me. Now before you click off this post and write me off as crazy take this into consideration. How many times are you doing something and then all of a sudden some thought pops into your head that takes you away from the experience of living in the moment. I have come to see that (most of the time) these thoughts are not constructive and have 0 benefit. They often tell us what we should’ve, could’ve, would’ve done if we could change the situation but we cannot change the situation so these thoughts have absolutely 0 benefit yet they take up 100% of thinking at the time of being thought. The cost/benefit analysis is very clear and yet I continue to think about what these thoughts mean? I read this book called “The Untethered Soul” that speaks of our consciousness and don’t laugh at me because this sounds so obvious…so simple…for example if we were to see a snake our automatic reaction is to get away from the snake. We all have the same reaction to what we perceive to be negative situations, but what if we chose to accept the situation no matter what it is and let the thoughts come and go without judgement or condemnation? We can learn not to cling. We can learn to let go one thought at a time and be free from fear instead of running away and/or covering up uncomfortable negativity we can learn to feel and release these thoughts and feelings one at a time until nothing is left. You see we often live in an impression of a situation instead of the reality of the moment. Once all of these thoughts are cleared, we are free to live in the Love and Peace of the moment. I cannot believe how free this idea made me feel. We have a lifetime to rid ourselves of these thoughts and feelings. I truly understand how Trauma must be worked through in order to move on with life. I covered up years and years of emotionally charged turmoil with drugs and alcohol. I chose to bury my thoughts and feelings for 20 years. Only recently I began to see this truth. We don’t have a soul. We are the soul! I am not my mind. I am not my body. These are tools I use and if unwanted things like thoughts or feelings arise, I can allow them time to express themselves to me and continue to move forward. We often build stories in our minds about what other people are thinking and or feeling but why? We can never truly know. We can always act in our own best interests and the best interests of others. Life is a series of interactive experiences that we hold onto and must learn to let go of based in fear growing in love until ultimately we come to know no fear and live life fully in love. Once we address all of our “issues” we slowly learn, paradoxically, the more we are involved in the “situation” no matter what it is we conquer the fear and nothing but Love remains. Ultimately, we either learn to face the fear or we suffer until we do. This seems so simple, so logical that you may be laughing at me. I prayed and prayed to the creator for an answer to why I continue to feel the fear and the answer came. I believe this explains the origin of all addictive behavior and how to overcome it. The bottom line is we must communicate with understanding and compassion because so many people are living in a personal hell. We need to be the light that lets them know it’s okay to be you. You have something that nobody else has. You have a point of view that nobody else can give. Your life is more valuable than anything on this earth. I’ll be here if you need to talk or share. I found the key that will unlock my life, Finally! Thanks for all of your patience and prayers. I am currently working on a book that will explain these ideas further and will share overcoming difficulties with negativity, fear, anxiety, relationships, post traumatic stress, drugs and alcohol, death, and overdose in my personal life. This blog has been a life saver. If you got something out of this and need to chat my email is at the top of the page. Thanks everyone 🙏🏻

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