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Was Roseanne relating to Americans a little too much?


Hello everybody I’m watching the CBS News cycle this morning and I see that Roseanne ABC has been canceled because of something offensive that Roseanne said. There are many angles to look at this but the mainstream media would have us all believe that because of her tweet the show got canceled is it not possible to ABC was paid to cancel the show because it was influencing Americans. This is not a conspiracy theory this is an actual question that I would like answered. We cannot ignore the fact that it is against the governments interests to keep the Show running. Roseanne is a big threat to the American aristocracy and it’s corrupt system, so it had to be squashed. I would love to get your opinions on this American freedom project let’s hear you. Are we in the end times? Is the government going to come and confiscate all of our weapons? are we going to war? The answer is only if evil starts to outweigh our morals our overall good natures when corruption takes hold through deception and lies among other ways, the system fails. There is hope and it is you so live your purpose to its fullest.

Trump could be a great leader or the greatest deceiver it’s up for us to decide but also there are so many layers in our government that there are those who would stand in the light of truth. Critical thinking is essential in politics. But we also must remember to focus on our own lives and be aware of the big picture. God bless you all!

I am going to Colorado today with my family. please do me a favor and pray for my family and I and our safety. Pray for our progress in spirit mind and body staying true to our purposes.

I will talk to you with the latest and greatest very soon I am very busy on my book right now. I promise to share chapters with you guys soon and after we get back from Colorado I plan on continuing this book until it’s done. Thank you for following and contributing to an active comment section within the American freedom project and I apologize for no punctuation.

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