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The Call to Action


Dustin McKennon

The only war we should be fighting, should be to save our planet and our souls from those that have set out to destroy both. Through my research I have discovered untold secrets and plans that have been perpetuated for decades now; kept secret from the public but now in plain sight for all to discover and if they only knew the consequences of what is to come if we don’t take individual responsibility to turn off the TV…to organize as one…it’s to easy to ignore…its to easy to watch because it hasn’t happened to us…yet. The West is intent on conquest to bring about unspeakable tragedy and horror through fractional reserve banking interests trade agreements that benefit the few and other secretive organizations interested only in themselves. While the masses tune in to get their news from Mainstream Media outlets owned by even more secretive entities that will have you focused on Royal Marriage and Trump vs. Hillary or whatever takes your attention away from what’s really happening behind the scenes. More violence against our children desensitizes you to it. Do you think that there may be a bigger reason behind this and the division among partisan lines? While we all disagree with one another, the ruler of this planet smiles. I’m sure our Creator did not intend for this…conspiracy theorist is another word for CRITICAL THINKER. Are you not concerned?

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