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Don’t fall for stablecoin cryptocurrency tied to the dollar & the banks


Here at American Freedom Project I would like to believe that I am providing information that frees Americans from job enslavement and mental problems but this is so important brothers and sisters we CANNOT FALL FOR THE TRAP of buying something digitally easy to use online just because it is tied to the dollar. Unfortunately, It is my greatest fear that most of the population will. But Dustin why are you so worried? The blockchain technology being used by ⭕️ Circle is a death sentence for humanity why? Because, and this is no joke, it is CENTRALIZED and by using it the government will be able to track trace and tax you whenever they like. Effectively Enslaving humanity. Other Cryptos like Bitcoin or the other idk 1000 or so ones like it are DECENTRALIZED meaning the people are control of their peer to peer transactions with NO 3RD PARTY INVOLVED. This technology has so far for the most part been speculative to n the markets, but in the near future people will be using it regularly. Just as credit cards or the internet was new and hard to understand at first this is a new frontier and we get to choose. Personally I choose gold and Silver but you can count on my future transactions being decentralized and in turn untraceable. Please spread this link or message and tell everyone you know this is vital for our Freedom or what is left of it to remain intact. If you are connected to Anonymous in anyway please make a video about this. Thanks for subscribing to The American Freedom Project! Love your neighbor! Thanks brothers and sisters! Spread this message like wild fire before it’s too late! It’s so important. 🤯


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