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America Freedom Project is growing in members Thank you!


The American Freedom Project is growing and that is awesome. I encourage each of you to love your neighbor as you love yourself during these weird times. Our kids are the loneliest generation ever so I believe we need to nurture them however we can. Loneliness leads to depression and depression can lead…well, we all know.

Eyes are opening. I believe in the good in Americans no matter what side of the isle you are on. One day you will realize the the idea of red vs. blue is an illusion created to divide us from the day we were born of course that is the agenda 27…anyway I’m getting ahead of myself. Thank you all for joining to help yourself and your fellow humans.

This is what the American Freedom Project is going to accomplish. When enough people join together for one cause, mountains can be moved, extremely old mountains. We stand for the Constitution by the people for the people. This means standing for things that will help the World as a whole. We stand for the bill of rights and The 10 Commandments.

I have no interest in red or blue. I only have interest in humans surviving their brutal dictates by unwanted puppets placed in power by those that really control things. I am an American I love my country and the people here. I promote peace not extremist ideas.

I look forward to sharing my book chapters with you. Please feel free to support the American Freedom Project by donating to djmckennon@live.com through PayPal.

Funds will be applied to charitable causes in America.

Love you all and please remember to smile at the stranger that passes by you, that smile could change their day!


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