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Democrats be ready to move when Trump Fires Mueller


Will Trump fire Mueller? I think so…Rod Rosenstein will be next. McCabe has been fired before he got his pension. This president is disbanding our Country. Trump is CLEARLY a TRAITOR. The President is not addressing the Opioid Epidemic and the Republicans will not do anything. The female governors to come will impeach him. Trump is a chaos agent. The American Public will have to bail us out of this mess. Reach out to your legislators and let them know they’re jobs are on the line. Trump wants to be a dictator. He is a con man and Trump fatigue is setting in folks. People vote with their wallets. Democrats will have to prove that we are about to be worse off. It’s sad that Trump has tricked and embarrassed American Workers…Stop being a snowflake and do something! The Republican establishment doesn’t know how to handle this fool.

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