North Korea is foo fo fo fooling…C’mon



The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior… which means Trump and “rocket man” are narcissistic psychopaths and it seems our president is dismantling our country one piece at a time, not doing anything about the opioid epidemic is unspeakable. But bringing elephant trophies back into the United States that’s just fine… teachers aren’t getting paid what they’re worth my wife makes $42,000 in the state of Kansas the media will have you believe that Kansas teachers make $47,000 but that’s not true with my wife and she’s Masters level special education teacher.. she’s been doing this for seven years and she’s making $42,000 and she doesn’t want to make a fuss about it well I’m going to make a fuss about it this is ridiculous. We all need to do our part to improve or critical thinking in this country some people that aren’t very smart are in charge right now I mean Gary: quit yesterday so I believe the fire and fury book has to be true… speculation on my part but it’s a good read the accidental president this is not the way America should be operating the stock market took a big plunge today. Someone get some adults in the White House!


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