American Prison Systems



I watched the movie “Solitary: Inside Onion State Prison” and see America has Prisons in Coal Country providing stable employment to people that would otherwise be working in the coal mines…the ones still open. I am pissed off that tax payer dollars are going to pay for 23 hour segregation, life sentences for armed robbery, people that should have been connected with mental health services and put on parole many years ago.

These prisoners need help. They have the impression that nobody cares and they have been forgotten. There are prisons with Dog Training programs and such. What we are doing is institutionalizing people who deserve a second chance. Don’t get me wrong. Let Justice be served but when 10% or more of the population is locked up and prisons are popping up everyday as private institutions that make money for people we have to start asking questions but we are past that point.

Money needs to be pumped into mental healthcare and addiction services to heal our prisoners, remember 90% of the people will be returning to society and the rates of recidivism are disturbing. This is a problem America can Resolve!

We have to Stand Up for people that have No Voice. Contact your legislators and tell them how you feel. I know Compromise and Compassion can move mountains when People take Action. There is a lot to talk about here and I have come nowhere close to sharing all the information and statistics about this problem that is out there. Angry and Frustrated Inmates WILL NEVER CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY TO SOCIETY. Sensory Deprivation will not help our people succeed in life!

I am in no way condoning any type of Violent Offender or Sex offenders for early release. Certainly, there are levels to charges that have to be taken in to account along with a host of other contributing factors.

I hope to have contributed to the issue. If just one person reads this and acts my job has been done. I understand there are people who may not agree I hope you re-evaluate your position.




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