So, I quit smoking cigarettes 5 days ago and I want to rip my face off. I am utilizing Chantix as a last ditch effort. It has helped tremendously. I’m not saying that as an advertisement. I am saying that as a former Smoker who knows if I can do this you can. It helps to have support. I was jonesing for a smoke this morning and I told my Wife about it and she sent me this photo.

Disgusting, I know. She reminded me that after 21 days anything can become a habit if you do whatever it is you are doing such as NOT SMOKING.

I Quit smoking before for 6.5 months forcibly after being arrested for a fourth DUI. I started right back up after I regained my freedom mind, body, and soul. Please Stop Smoking with me or don’t you gotta die from something, I know, but adding 10 years to my life gives me more time with my son. We’ve all seen the TRUTH commercials, I figure it’s best to listen to the Truth.



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