Kentucky impresses with 316 new National Board Certified teachers


The Advocate-Messenger

Kentucky teachers are making the news a lot right now because of the pension-funding crisis. If you see the word “teacher” in a news story, there’s a good chance you’re going to be reading about politicians posturing and advocacy groups pushing one agenda or another.

Hopefully not lost in all of Frankfort’s hullabaloo is some news about what teachers actually do — they teach. And in Kentucky, they teach well.

On Tuesday, Kentucky celebrated having 316 of its teachers become National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs). The 316 Kentucky teachers who earned their certifications near the end of December represent the second-largest class of NBCTs ever in the state, and the fifth-largest class in the nation, according to information from the Education Cabinet. It’s also worth noting Kentucky has the seventh-highest percentage of NBCTs in the nation: 8.6 percent of our teachers are National Board Certified, a little more than one in 12.

Both Danville and Boyle County school districts added new NBCTs in this newest class.

Danville now has 12 NBCTs, according to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ nationwide directory. Three of those are newly certified: Helen Blevins, Derek Otto and Kristi Sigola. Having 12 NBCTs means about 9.4 percent of Danville’s teachers are certified, based on the district’s 2016-17 number of teachers.


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