Follow American Freedom Project Help Grow the Middle Class


My greatest hope is that members of the lower and Middle classes (like me) start to learn online money making techniques…I say this not only because I REALLY mean it but also because the jobs that we have relied on for so long will be going away soon!

Artificial Intelligence is here. It is said that many major industries will be replaced and the workers will HAVE TO ADAPT to not having jobs on “Main Street”. You can earn a GOOD LIVING ONLINE, it just takes the patience and perseverance that many workers already possess to learn new ways online to earn a paycheck.

This is the reality! Let’s do something about this upcoming tsunami that nobody seems to be paying attention to, at least from what I’m reading.

Follow American Freedom Project and please feel free to contribute your ideas and comments. Ultimately a Strong America has a Strong “Middle Class” and it’s important to me it stays that way.


Dustin M.

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