Public pushes ban on assault weapons to Constitution Revision Commission

Hundreds of Central Florida residents signed up to speak at a hearing Monday in Melbourne on proposed changes to Florida Constitution.

But one measure that wasn’t among the 37 actively under consideration was mentioned  by many speakers — a proposal to ban assault weapons in Florida.

Also during the hearing, speakers commented on everything from a proposal to phase out greyhound racing in Florida to a proposal to establish term limits for school board members in the state.

Emotions were elevated at the Florida Constitution Revision Commission meeting at the King Center, with Wednesday’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County on the minds of many. Seventeen people died in the shooting, in which an AR-15 rifle was the weapon. A former student has been charged in the mass shooting.

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Some speakers at Monday’s Constitution Revision Commission hearing urged the commission to add a ban on assault rifles to the proposals they are considering to put on the election ballot in November.

“We can make this happen,” League of Women Voters of Florida president Pamela Goodman said at a news conference before the hearing. “Doing nothing is not an acceptable response.”


From the time Nikolas Cruz entered the building until the time he left, only six minutes passed. During that brief time, he allegedly shot more than two dozen students and teachers, 17 of them fatally. (Feb. 16) AP

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