Employers Are Desperate to Find Applicants With these In Demand Skills in 2018.


In this video, you’ll discover the field that has a higher demand than supply of skilled workers.  According to Gartner Research, “By 2020 the US will see 1.4 Million computer specialist job openings, but more than 70% of those will remain unfilled because our universities aren’t currently teaching the required skills.”

This video goes more in depth about the actual jobs available in the field and the level of experience of knowledge required to get into them.

In this video, you’ll discover the specific skills that employers are looking for in this field that can be learned online. You’ll learn more about the actual things you’ll need to get that entry level position in the field.

Employers Are Desperate to Find Applicants With these In Demand Skills in 2018.

Screenshot from 2/8/2018

There are typically 40,000-44,000 openings in Digital Marketing daily. About 11,000 are Entry Level. You can do this search yourself. And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to learn them, or spend years in school or another small fortune on a degree to acquire them. Employers need sharp, tech and web savvy people to manage their digital advertising. If you grew up with a Smartphone, you can do this job. I know this because I went from being an Unemployed Art School graduate in 2011 to making $100K in 2014, all through information and experience I gained online.

Get Skills. Get Hired. Get Paid.

  1.  Absorb the Training: Our Step by Step Videos start with the basics of Digital Marketing, then train you in Paid Search Management (AdWords, PPC), SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing. There’s over 10 hours of in depth training, all designed to get you up to speed on the skills employers want as quickly and directly as possible. We also refer you to low cost and free training that is used in the business. We also include live case studies from our own accounts to help you see how this works in real life. 
  2.  Take Action: We show you how to actually start using the Search Platforms explained in the training, how to generate your own experience and make the learning 3 Dimensional and real.
  3.  Translate What You’ve Learned into Your Resume: We include resume templates and tell you how to present yourself to Employers and Agencies to impress and stand out.
  4. Ask Questions! Through the Forums, so long as you’re a member, we’re here to answer all your questions about the tech stuff, strategy, help you analyze accounts and even make your resume and cover letter kick ass! I will even help you with your job once you are hired, so it’s like you have a personal mentor shadowing you. 

5. Get a Job! We walk you in detail through the job search process. We show you how to “beat the experience paradox” – how to get real experience with these skills before your first job. We show you how to find and land a job with your new resume and skills, then leverage that into a high paying career within a yearSubmit a request in the forum, and I’ll even show you my personal recommendations for jobs and opportunities in your area. 


New Training Module shows you how to Freelance and Get Your Own Clients, so you can work wherever you want and on your own schedule. There are typically thousands of SEO, SEM, and Facebook Marketing gigs on freelance sites like Upwork. You can earn $35-$70 an hour doing these gigs. Nearly every local business needs help with their digital marketing.You can also get your own clients paying $300-$1500 or more a month, even if you have no previous sales experience.

*Everything you learn in the course can also be applied to your own websites or online businesses. Module 14 “Generate Your Own Experience” could be its own course: you learn how to build an SEO Optimized website, generate leads, and promote Affiliate products for income. You can also use these skills to get freelance clients or build your own agency or consulting business.


You aren’t going at it alone – join dozens of other students from all over and get personalized guidance from me (including job opps and resume/portfolio reviews) in the Forum.

“This course is great, Seth breaks everything down in an easy to understand format. However, getting through the course only took me 2 weeks! I breezed through only because I was determined to do so, and I work full-time! I think Seth gives an estimated finish time of 1 month so that even the busiest of people can expect to complete it in that time. In 2 weeks I was able to land an entry level position in SEO easily(I used linkedin and found the most basic entry level job). Out of the 3 jobs I applied for 2 companies called me back within 2 days. 2/3 is definitely not bad when I only had 2 weeks of learning experience. You just gotta be hungry! Thanks Seth, for everything.”

Justin Briones
Rowland Heights, CA                 

This is an excerpt from an upcoming interview with Matt Tran of Engineered Truth with Justin. Below that is a screenshot of Justin’s new Linkedin profile with his new title at his approximately $40K entry level position.

“Seth’s Digital Marketing Course has completely changed what I thought I could do with my career. After graduating with an Econ major from UCI in 2015, I had no idea what I wanted to do and thought it would be a good idea to pursue Investment Banking. After 6+ months of rigorous financial modeling/Excel training, and going through a few ibanking interviews, I realized the industry was just too hard to break into and was too draining of a career path. I found Seth’s course and immediately fell in love with Digital Marketing and learned that you could learn truly applicable skills in just 30 days. I loved that Seth teaches you both the technical and creative side of Digital Marketing with fun videos and tutorials that are easy to follow. I completed Seth’s course within 30 days and got Google Analytics and AdWords (Search and Display) certified along the way. A ton of Seth’s material helps in the certifications exams.

Seth doesn’t joke around that there is a huge demand for these skills and qualifications. After 1 month of study, I already have 2 interviews for separate digital marketing agencies and I feel prepared to take them on. Not only is Seth’s course aiding me in my job search, his section on “generating your own experience” has inspired me to create two WordPress blogs about marketing on Snapchat and hip hop dancing. For aspiring entrepreneurs developing their own website, this course has many actionable bits and tips that will help you market your business better through several different channels. I am beyond satisfied with this course and it will definitely help you whether you’re an undergrad, grad, high school graduate, or just looking for a career change. This course gives you all the tools and resources you need to succeed in Digital Marketing. I suggest you take these courses as soon as possible before more people find out!

Brian Bui
Orange County, CA                 

Karen is a 19 year old Community College student in Ohio. She now has a Paid Internship – so she is being paid to learn SEO and Digital Marketing in a corporate environment (while many of her marketing major friends are working at Starbucks and other service jobs).

Ken Choi had 2 Bachelor’s Degrees and could not find work for over 1 year. Within 3 weeks of taking the course, he got a Paid Internship (making $15/Hr) – paid to learn PPC/SEO, which he can then leverage into a higher paying job.

Jack Sarles is only 19 with no college degree – and is working in digital marketing in Nebraska.

Hallie is 22, doesn’t have a college degree, and was working as a bartender when she started the course. Within a month she got hired as a Digital Marketing Strategist in Nashville.

Willie More of Virginia Beach was in school but didn’t want to continue and end up with $60K in debt. He took the course and within a couple of months has landed himself a $45K a year job as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Gabe went from knowing nothing about PPC or SEO to getting a $40K entry level job in Kansas (Yes, Kansas!) Worth noting: this is as much as he was making after 10 years in his previous job in Landscaping.

Kudzai found a remote SEO job after doing the course – he’s making $35K-$40K at 19 years old, working on his own schedule,  & has a career mapped out while his friends are still messing around in school. (And made his Father proud!)

Below are emails from some of the students who took the course.

A message Engineered Truth’s Matt Tran received after referring a subscriber to the course:

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are Digital Marketing Jobs Like PPC, SEM, SMM, and SEO?

Are There Really That Many Jobs? And Why?

Don’t I Need A College Degree or a Specialized Degree To Get a Job?

Don’t I Need Years of Experience to Get a Job or Make Serious Money?

Do I Need to Be a Coder or Super Technical to Do This Job?

Can I Start My Own Business, Work From Home, or Work Part Time?

Are These Jobs in the US Only, or Are They in Other Countries As Well?

What Makes Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Different?

Why is This Course So Cheap? What’s the Catch?

Does This Course Still Work in 2018? Are These Jobs Still Around?

This Sounds Too Good to Be True. Can I REALLY Get a Job with no previous experience? Is There Some Long Term Commitment or Upsell You Aren’t Telling Me About?

Colleges Are Charging $50K for a Degree.This is a High Ticket Mentorship Course. 

You Get Access For Only $97. Why?

  • I know what it’s like to stress about work and not be able to find a career that realizes your potential. I know what it’s like to need a career change & money & feel the pressure to invest in loans to pay for a degree without knowing if it will pay off.
  • A Program like this, with this level of of in depth training on these skills and personal mentorship and support, is worth much more than $10,000, and worth more than most $30K-$50K+ Internet Marketing degree programs.(Consider the impact of having an in demand $60K+ Career for the rest of your life). 
  • But I wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible who can really benefit from it. I’d rather you join this course and charge you less than see you go into debt for a degree program and still not be taught how to get a job. (I’m not pretending to be a saint, I still plan on making money from this. I just don’t see any reason to gouge people like these schools do). 
  • So (for now, and it will increase), I am granting access to the entire program plus the forums where I provide personal feedback and support, for only $97/month.
  • You can stay for 1 month and cancel or continue as long as you wish. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t feel this training is completely worth it within 30 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

Seth Jared Hymes
Creator of Digital Marketing Career Blueprint

About the Author

Since 2011 Seth has sold tens of thousands of dollars of his own digital products, managed millions of dollars in ad spend, and consulted for companies on their paid and organic advertising strategies.

Seth’s passion is in helping people with practical advice that cuts through the BS and makes a difference in people’s lives. You can contact him with questions via Linkedin by clicking here


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