Try Forex Trading 2018


Hi, my name is Karl Dittmann…
And I’ve got a number of somewhat unusual Forex tips to share with you today. Tips that have been right under our noses our entire life.

They are also some of the most important tips that I’ve ever shared with my fellow traders worldwide, and, they are very simple tips that could help you quickly make a few hundred pips in just under a week.

But I need you to listen very closely. This presentation contains 5 of the most valuable Forex tips that you can benefit from now.

Okay? I can’t promise how long this page with this video is going to be up and available, so please be sure to watch this entire video from the beginning all the way to the end, while it’s still here.

Ok , so you’re probably thinking to yourself, “yeah, I’ve already tried every Forex method known to man, I’ve given it my all and I don’t know, I just keep losing.” Well, stop it! LET ME STOP YOU RIGHT HERE.

This is not some magical button, it has nothing to do with all that crazy BLAHBLAHBLAH garbage, or any of those special overnight millions programs, or any other incredibly scammy Forex promises that we’ve all seen online these days.

In fact, all the tips I’m going to share with you today, are all right here, right in front of us, and when you learn and understand them, they help explain why the majority – if not all – newbie traders fail. And NO, newbie traders don’t fail because of a bad money management strategy, or a lack of professional trading experience.


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Safety = High

Trend Reversal Detection = Optimal

Low Risk



Safety = Average

Trend Reversal Detection = Fast

Moderate Risk



Safety = Low

Trend Reversal Detection = Maximum

High Risk



How X SCALPER Changes Lives of
Even Complete Trading Newbies

Fact is, Newbie traders CAN AND DO make confident winning trades, you can too – even on your first day of trading. And I will show you how you can do it. So I want you to imagine something in your mind… imagine spending just a couple hours a day, without any specialized trading skills or deep Forex knowledge and still be able to make money. Seriously, it’s NOT your fault you aren’t making the profit you want from trading… Nevertheless before I get into the specifics let me quickly tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a professional Forex trader, I’m a certified trading coach, speaker and author, and I have helped thousands of traders worldwide achieve the goals they set for themselves. Now before I go any further – I’d really like to share a story about one of my clients that I am extremely proud of. His name is Richard. Richard is your typical working dad with three children and a lovely wife to take care of.

Yes, I said three children. Well, Richard inspired ME to create a powerful indicator that could change his life forever. You see, Richard comes from a very poor family. They didn’t have all the luxuries that the upper 1% of people have, he never went to college, and he was working 70 hours a week minimum to provide for his family.

But Richard’s story didn’t continue from there – Richard made a change and that change allowed Richard to finally make it to a point financially where he is not working 70 hours a week anymore, he’s spending a lot more time with his wife and 3 kids. Richard is comfortable, and he’s now planning on how he and his family can start obtaining some of those luxuries that were out of reach not that long ago.

And without going into all of the details right now, the most interesting point about Richard’s success – he credits all of his success to his poor upbringing, his poor roots. That’s where Richard believes he learned all of the valuable life lessons that helped him become a semi-professional Forex trader, he has started and is running four different successful businesses, and has become a hero to all of my friends and clients; and especially his wife and 3 children.



Okay, time to get into it. This, one specific tip I am about to share with you is the one what helped Richard make 106 pips in the very first day he ever tried to make a trade, and then consistently making anywhere from 70 to 200 pips – almost every single day. At the age of 34, Richard is now making way more than even the top managers do, in the biggest companies.

I know you are probably skeptical – and I don’t blame you.

But, listen closely- here’s the difference. Richard started getting serious and most importantly was able to create a stable, reliable, income by trading Forex. He is so proud of the fact that he’s able to help his parents out of their exhausting fixed-income routine. But, what Richard is really most proud that he’s finally able to provide a wonderful life-style for his wife and kids, knowing that every day was going to be better than the day before.

And get this – Richard achieved all of this without learning any trading theory. TRUE! Without spending countless hours monitoring the market. And without killing himself to find a goldmine. And trust me, when I first started trading Forex, I spent HUNDREDS of hours staring at the monitor, at 4:00 in the morning waiting, for the Job’s Report to be released, to try to pick up 10-50 pips… I’m glad those days are behind me.



Okay back to Richard’s story. He achieved his excellent results while living the life he now enjoys – going out with his friends and family, watching movies, going to nice restaurants, camping, fishing, sunbathing on the most amazing beaches around the world…not by staring at his computer screen at 4 o’clock in the morning.

His friends are.. as you might think a little bit jealous, and his employees can’t believe that he comes from a poor family. But, listen… When it comes to making money on Forex, unfortunately new traders are the ones getting the short end of the stick…

Here’s a BIG myth…It’s definitely harder for newbies to make even a tiny 10 pip profit until they’ve been trading for weeks or months. As a matter of fact, for some odd reason, newbies have been hard-wired to believe that they are not gonna make a profit at all. It all makes perfect sense if we stop and think about it. It’s the way we’ve been brought up.

Another thought, here’s a BIG mistake – Some beginners think they are smarter than everyone else who isn’t make money trading Forex. Oh boy, is this a big mistake. Some people are smart, true…well-educated and well, for some odd reason they still can’t become successful in Forex. If you start feeling that you’re smarter than them then you’ll believe that you don’t have to put out any effort into making money in Forex, and that will most probably completely destroy your trading career.



Can You Skip the Learning Curve
And Make Easy Profit in Forex?

You need to keep in mind that Forex trading is a difficult business, and you need to work hard on it if you expect to make a living from it.

But, what I’m gonna share with you in a minute, is gonna keep you from having to get up and stare at your computer screen at 4 o’clock in the morning. But, listen to this (and I’m serious here): there’s no magical button that will make you money overnight. The market is always right. If you lose money then you were wrong – not the market.

Here’s a question that I’m asked quite often…”is it actually possible to overcome all the difficulties and trade successfully while keeping it simple?”

HELL YES! And I am about to share with you 5 simple tips that can instantly boost your trading level. Guaranteed. After you hear these tips you will instantly realize what has been stopping you from the success you’ve always wanted.



Achieving Great Results
For the Rest of Your Life

People who promise to make you a millionaire overnight are simply trying to make money off people without providing actual results for their clients. They do it by selling crap that leads to, at best, small temporary results. But in many cases their products can actually lead to losses, sometimes huge losses, and even ultimately burn through your entire trading account balance. This, my friends actually happened to me in my early days, and I know what I’m talking about!

But here is the good news. We don’t need those scam artists and their expensive garbage offers to make high, consistent and stable income.

What I am talking about here is to share with you the key to actually trading just a couple of hours a day and still making good money. Remember Richard was working 70 hours a week at minimum. And I would be willing to bet now that he might be working 70 hours a month.

So, let me share with you these 5 simple tips that might sound really obvious at first, but will instantly boost your trading to a much higher level.

By the end of this presentation you will understand how to make the kind of money you want and keep doing that for the rest of your life.



Exact Same Tips That Helped Me
Achieve Total Financial Freedom

Ok. Here’s my first CHALLENGE for you… PUT these 5 very important tips that I’m about to share with you into action AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. And when you do, you’ll experience the difference they can make and you’ll experience it – right away.

Learn These 5 Pro Trading Tips to Use and See Immediate Results:

Pro Trading Tip #1

NEVER, and I do mean NEVER consider Forex as a path to get rich quickly.

Always factor the risks and efforts that must be put into achieving such a goal.

Pro Trading Tip #2

Be careful with your Lots.

You can make good money even with a small initial deposit and there is no need to open large positions to make a decent profit.

Pro Trading Tip #3

No emotions allowed.

A lot of newbie traders get caught up in the emotions and forget everything they’ve learned. I think by now you might understand where that might lead.

Pro Trading Tip #4

Be consistent! Stick to your trading system and don’t add or remove anything.

This will allow you to have a much better idea of exactly what’s working and helping you win more trades – more importantly – this strategy of being consistent will help you understand where you are going wrong and what to fix.

Pro Trading Tip #5

And, I like this one a lot. Love it! Enjoy it!

Your motivation and positive outlook are two of the keys to becoming a successful trader.

Focus on the process of proper well-considered trading rather than worrying about the amount of money you could win or lose.

These are the 5 tips that I always share with my new clients. We don’t even start trading until they can repeat each of them without missing a word. And let’s get straight to the point. What can you do right now to start making big money trading Forex, in just a couple of hours a day?



Most Profitable
BUY/SELL Signals

Based on Richard’s success, as well as hundreds of my other clients, I’ve developed a trading package designed for long-term, consistent profit. I call it the “X Scalper”. It is programmed with several laser-tuned, unknown trading algorithms, which when combined, generate only the most profitable BUY and SELL signals.

And in just a minute I am going to show you some of the live screenshots of real signals generated by X Scalper.



Try it Once And You Will
Never Trade Without it

I’ve got something that will most likely shock you. Let me explain why “X Scalper” simply can’t fail when used right.

Over the past few years, I’ve tried hundreds of both free and paid indicators, robots and manual trading strategies. Almost all of them are either a joke or outright scam. I don’t even want to talk about how I angry I get with people who develop these miss-leading products.

However, there are actually quite a few interesting tools that made a good impression on me. I was impressed with not only the profitability, but also by the idea, the concept.

There was one thing in common will all these “better” products – even though the concepts were interesting and had potential, none of them were anywhere near what I could truly call a reliable trading tool. I don’t mean to be rude but… in the best case scenario I MIGHT get 2 or 3 damn signals a week! And…quite often – all of those signals LOST!

This is not how I envisioned making money on Forex. I wanted something that could actually help me, and my friends make stable, serious income day after day. So I gave this a LOT of thought! I thought of combining the best ideas and concepts contained within the other tools that I tried, with my own favorite trading methods and algorithms.

And you know what? After incorporating all of them into one truly revolutionary BUY/SELL scalping indicator, I was completely shocked. It’s fantastic to see how well all the best trading algorithms work in harmony with each other.

And this harmony is called “X Scalper”



  • 1. Attach “X Scalper” to the chart
  • 2. Enter on a BUY or a SELL signal
  • 3. Set up a recommended Stop Loss
  • 4. Exit as soon as new signal is generated
  • 5. Profit and enter another trade!

That’s it! No thinking, no analyzing, no worrying, only clear laser-tuned Buy and Sell signals that get the job done for you.



X SCALPER Does Wonders
Use it Correctly and Win

In just a few minutes you will be using my ultimate “X Scalper” and making big winning trades one after another. Just make sure to read the important trading rules explained in the user guide.

What I teach in the “X Scalper” user guide isn’t just a bunch of nerdy mumbo jumbo unrealistic steps that need to be followed. It’s written in a very straight forward “do this and then do that” way that anyone can understand and follow.

It’s written for the real world, and it isn’t an overrated millionaire bullshit. It’s the same training I taught to Richard, and hundreds of my friends and clients.

I can absolutely guarantee that if you follow the EXACT same steps described in my step-by-step guide, you WILL see profit with “X Scalper” immediately. Now, please pay close attention for a second.

“X Scalper” is a very special indicator. On top of the highly accurate BUY/SELL signals. It can also inform you when the market has the most power to quickly and confidently go up or down.

Do you understand what this can do for you?



When the fat dotted line changes from yellow to blue – we enter with BUY. When it changes from blue to yellow – we enter with SELL. So, this is a “BUY” trade example. And this is a big winning trade. I’ve marked our entry point with “BUY” and the exit with “SELL”.

Now, listen closely. Have a look at the two dashed lines marked with “1” and “2” These dashed lines indicate that the market starts getting momentum. 1 dashed line means good momentum and 2 of them at the same time – very powerful momentum.

And, as you can see on this screenshot, before the 1st dashed line, the price wasn’t clearly moving up or down. As soon as 1st dashed line appeared however – the price started getting more power and by the time 2nd dashed line appeared – the price was finally ready to skyrocket.

Want to know how YOU can use all these to your advantage? So if you are an aggressive trader, you can enter as soon as the main fat dotted line changes color. And if you are more conservative, you can wait for 1 or 2 dashed lines to appear and confirm the entry and only then open the trade with minimum risk.

Isn’t this indicator fantastic? On top of all this, “X Scalper” also has 3 different trading style options that you can use to adjust it’s signals to your own preference. “X Scalper” also has sound alerts, email alerts, and a push notification option that can inform you of every new signal wherever you are.

You will never miss any powerful trading opportunities ever again! Let me finally show you how “X Scalper” works in REAL LIVE ACTION!



Euro/Japanese Yen. 42, 30, 44 and 18 pips profit.

Euro/Australian Dollar. 39, 34, 65 pips.

Impressed already? Hold on. I’ve got a lot more profit to show you!

Euro/Japanese Yen. 41, 30 and 42 pips.

But watch this… “X Scalper” can make much more than that.

How about more than 100 pips profit per trade?!

Two big wins on British Pound/Japanese Yen. 127 and 126 pips.

127 and 126 pips is impressive right…you can make even more per trade with “X Scalper”.

Here is a monster that made a huge 177 Pips profit on the same pair.

The best part is – your results can often be even better than the ones you’ve just seen!

Final Chance! Only 3 Copies Left!



Contact me at ANY TIME And I Will Do
My Best to Help You as Soon as Possible

With the full “X Scalper” package you will get the exact BUY/SELL scalping indicator that I, Richard, my friends and fellow traders are using every day. It can change your trading habits for the better, and ultimately your life. And I am so incredibly confident that it will work for you that if for any reason you decide that “X Scalper” is not for you, just email me within 60 days of your purchase and I will return your payment in full. No questions asked.

My personal email is karl@karldittmann.com do you think the scammers give out their personally email? Not a chance! I want you to be successful now, and far into the future. Email me at any time. I check my email many times a day and enjoy talking to like-minded people. So, email me with any questions you have. I usually respond within a couple of hours at the most. So, what’s the cost for this one-of-a-kind indicator?

Well, if you sign up for a trading course, signal service, robot or even an indicator, you could pay an enormous amount for just some of the introductory instructions you will need in order to trade successfully. I say “some” because the dirty little secret of those companies that they never tell you – you still have to take your own time, learn, fail, and adapt – and only then if you are lucky maybe you get a small winning trade here and there.



Now, you could go on one of those popular trading sites that are floating around the web and the actual cost of their total package could drive you insane. Or even worse than all of that, you could buy another trading scheme that will burn through your account, stress you out, and make you never touch Forex ever again.

You could wind up in an even worse position than the one you started from.

If you want to go this way, all I can say is that I wish you luck. You will need a lot of it. But even with a huge amount of luck, that way won’t get you far. With “X Scalper” however, it is a completely different story.

You can get “X Scalper” for a lot less than the price of a single session of the most popular trading courses. And with “X Scalper” you will get much more compared to what all of those trading courses could give you.



The entire “X Scalper” trading package, teaching you the truths behind fast and profitable trading, an easy-to-follow program full of screenshots and step-by-step guide that allows you to spend minimum time and make profit using the exact same methods used by me, Richard and hundreds of my happy clients. You will know and have access to everything we use.

On top of that you will also get unlimited access to my personal email support. You can contact me at any time and ask me whatever you want whenever you want. Listen, I am here for you every step of the way. I want you to prove yourself that you can do this. I’ll be there with all the motivation and support that you’ll ever need.

In addition, you will also get lifetime updates absolutely free. Yeah, if I find things that seem to work faster, better or easier, I’ll update the package and you’ll have access to the updated copy completely free. I want you to use the most up-to-date reliable trading tool available! And that’s what I am going to give you.



I Can’t Keep this Page Up Forever
Use this Chance While it’s Here

This page will NOT be available much longer, and I reserve the right to take it down tomorrow if I decide… But keep in mind that “X Scalper” is only available while this page is still up and visible. There is a limit to the number of people that I can help though my personal email, and I WILL take this page down as soon as I reach my limit – and I believe that limit might happen any day.

The original price of “X Scalper” and the price that others have paid is a price much higher than most other trading programs that you’ve likely seen. And here’s the reason behind this – it can do wonders for you. No bullshit whatsoever.

The regular price for the full “X Scalper” package is $3950, which is the price I typically charge for a series of one-on-one sessions with me where I explain how to use this tool for the best possible results and personally teach clients.

Now, here is where you benefit. Because we’re at the development stage with this product that we have a step-by-step user guide that explains everything in a super easy to understand manner, we’ve been able to greatly reduce the number of one-on-one appointments, which used to require me to rearrange our schedules and plans…doing this, we both save a lot of time…AND money. And I’m passing those money savings – and a much better offer, on to you. An offer that you will not be able to resist.



Take Full Control of Your Trading and Life
With the Complete X SCALPER Package

I am going to make this affordable for everyone – I am not going charge anywhere near $3950, I am not going to charge $2950, I am not going to charge $1950 – and not $950!

The full “X Scalper” package can be yours for a one-time payment of just $395.

Hang on a moment…you now what? This price issue has really haunted me lately because I want “X Scalper” to be available to anybody… I don’t’ think $395 is the lowest I can go. I want to make sure you have absolutely no excuse for not taking control of your trading and life with the “X Scalper” package and I am going to lower the price even more.

I have been where you are. I failed many times before I got to where I am now. And I don’t want you to go through all the difficult times that I faced.

And because of this, I want to give you the entire “X Scalper” FULL Package with a BUY/SELL scalping indicator, a detailed step-by-step user guide with screenshots and tips, life-time updates and my personal email support for a crazy price of just $147.

Even though the already huge discounted price of $395 was amazing, you can get everything for just $147. But you must order by clicking the “Add to Cart” button below right now:

Final Chance! Only 3 Copies Left!



Sometimes You Just Have to Take Action!

You’ve learned a lot of amazing tips and some fantastic advice that WILL improve your trading skills in under a week. You’ve heard about the fantastic changes that took place in Richard’s life, and similar results in many of my clients and friends.

You’ve just seen actual live screenshots of the “X Scalper” indicator in action.

You’ve seen how much is included in the “X Scalper” package…and what you’re about to see is how this could finally change your trading forever. You’ve got a full money back guarantee, where you can get every penny back. And after a LOT of agonizing thought, I’ve give you an enormous discount off the regular price of the package from $3950 to only $147.



Brand New Trading
Brand New Life

So, here you are staring at the fork in the road. Two distinct directions you can choose from. One road is troubled… The pavement is cracked, bumpy and full of puddles.
This is the same road you’ve been on for years. At least you are right back to the life that you have right now. Life where you keep doing what you’ve been doing and keep getting what you’ve been getting.
And then there’s that other road, with a brand-new pavement, all pristine and smooth. This road meanders gently across new ground.
It’s a road that takes you on a BEAUTIFUL trip at your own pace but delivers you quickly to your new trading skills and results, your new knowledge, your new confidence, a trip that was paid for with hundreds of my hours of research, writing and coding, and don’t forget sitting at the computer screen at 4 in the morning – a road I never want you to take!
The second road, is the only road that will take your trading to a whole new level faster than you could ever imagine. Guaranteed. It’s the road that leads straight to your brand-new trading level, your brand-new life.



With the Brand New X SCALPER
You are Instantly Getting All of These:

Imagine how profitable your trading will soon become, how relaxed and confident in your life you will soon feel.

Remember, this is the one package I personally guarantee will work for you. And don’t forget how time sensitive this is – if you act real fast you can get the ground-breaking “X Scalper” package, unlimited product updates, the step-by-step user guide, along with my personal life-time email support… which by the way is valued at over $3900 by itself! You are getting all of these for such a low price because you are among the very first to grab this offer. But do NOT delay – when this video page is gone, so is this offer.

So, take X Scalper for a drive on the second road, take advantage of the discounted price and the amazing money back guarantee. Click the add to cart button below. I truly hope this is where you’ll decide your Forex trading, and your life, have changed for the better.

Final Chance! Only 3 Copies Left!


If for some weird reason at any time within the next 60 days you are not fully satisfied
with the X Scalper, I will refund your order in FULL because I want you to feel safe.
All the risk is on me. You can give it an honest try for full 60 days with no questions,
no hassles and no headaches.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Why are we giving 60 Days Full Money Back Guarantee?

I’m so confident you’ll absolutely love this indicator that I’m willing to bet on it with our full 60 Day money back guarantee. How can we be so sure? Well, just take a look at the countless profit screenshots!

Again, if you decide that for some weird reason, this secret is not for you, then let us know and we will refund all your money back with no questions asked. Basically, we are not happy to accept your money unless you are completely satisfied with this amazing secret strategy. So there is zero risk – You simply CANNOT LOSE here…

Real Testimonials From Members:

Final Chance! Only 3 Copies Left!

FAQ – Find Your Question here:

Can I use X Scalper on multiple trading accounts?

Each order of X Scalper comes with a license for one trading account only.

What do I need to start trading with X Scalper?

You need a computer with an internet connection and MT4.

Time frames?

M1 and M5.


All pairs.

What platform can I use “X Scalper” on?


How do I get the product?

Instant Download. No waiting.

Is it an automated robot(EA), a manual strategy or an indicator?

It is a Powerful Indicator that will show you smart signals on when to buy or sell.

Can I run it on a demo account first?

Yes of course, you can run on a demo account for as long as you like until you see that it is making you consistent profits, then you can switch to a real account.

How much money do I need to start trading?

You can start with as little as $100 with some brokers, although we recommend a minimum starting amount of at least $250. We can recommend you a good broker.                     Just ask.

Do you provide support?

Yes, we provide full support for “X Scalper”, money management strategy, technical queries and general trading support.

Are there any monthly fees for “X Scalper”?

No, there are absolutely no monthly fees, this is strictly a one-time purchase.



We are Doing Our Best to Give the Highest Possible Value
And Personal Attention To Each X SCALPER Member:

Installs in 5 Minutes

Installing X Scalper is super easy. Download it instantly from the members area. Copy and paste to your MT4. And activate your trading account number. That’s it.
You are ready to make profit!

Step-by-Step User Guide

Together with the X Scalper package you will be getting a Detailed Step-by-Step User Guide. It covers everything you need to know in order to get the most out of this fantastic trading tool.

60 Days Full Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

Our team of specialists is available around the clock to answer any question you may have.

Updates and Improvements

We are always thinking of how we can improve “X Scalper”. As soon as we come up with new powerful updates, you will get them at absolutely no cost.

My Personal Email Support

I enjoy helping traders. At one point in my life I was the one who needed help and assistance. But now with all my experience and knowledge I can help you. Just send me an email.

Lifetime X Scalper License for 1 Real Live Account

One order of X Scalper will generate one license which will work only one one trading account. However this license is given to you for a lifetime. No limitations.

I’ve laid out the exact steps for you to follow and have given you the roadmap that will allow you to make the kind of profit you want. Now it’s up to you. I mean it when I say it. I can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to helping you completely change your trading and life. Let’s talk soon…

So, make it a great day, click the “Add to Cart” button below to order




Regular Price:

Price Today:

Final Chance! Only 3 Copies Left!

Your X Scalper Order is Protected by Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

24/7 Online Customer Support – One time payment – No hidden fees

Profit and Loss Potential disclaimer
In any market where a potential for profit exists, there exists also a risk of loss. None of the information on 3rd candle trading software methodology nor any information or education provided to the client by any means assures that the client will make money in the Forex market.

The information contained in this document does not constitute investment advice. I will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. information..

Hypothetical Performance or Back-Tested Results
Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those inferred or shown. There are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results & the actual results subsequently achieved by a particular trading program. One of the limitations of hypothetical performance results is they are generally prepared with the benefit of hind sight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk & no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk in actual trading. The ability to withstand losses or adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses are material points which can adversely affect actual trading results. There are many other factors related to the markets in general or to the implementation of a specific trading program which cannot be fully accounted for in the reparation of hypothetical performance results – all of which can adversely affect actual trading results.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

By using the X Scalper, you acknowledge that you are a consenting adult and understand your decision. Karl Dittmann is a pen name used to protect author’s privacy.

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