Relapse Prevention


Addiction can be an ongoing struggle for many people, even after they complete an intensive treatment program; periodic relapses are not uncommon. Relapse-prevention planning is crucial, then, for maintaining long-term sobriety. In its simplest terms, relapse occurs when an individual abstained from using drugs for any period of time and then use again. This use may be a brief, one-time lapse in abstinence, which is often called a slip, or it may be a binge that involves using drugs in large amounts or repeatedly. In either situation, relapse does not mean an individual cannot get back on the road to recovery. However, it may indicate that underlying issues are not being managed effectively or that an individual could benefit from recommitting themselves to their sobriety. In this training course participants will learn the importance of relapse prevention related to treatment and recovery and to recognize the common components of the relapse process. Contact me if you are interested in obtaining this information or for one on one sessions. djmckennon@live.com

Thanks Everyone,

Dustin McKennon (LAC)

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