Rule #2 Run Toward Fears and Conquer ALL of Them


Written by Dustin McKennon


You cannot accomplish much without defeating those “demons” in your head. There is literally nothing to fear! It may take a while of practicing “mindfulness thinking techniques” to realize this Universal Law.

We all have a “shadow side” that we must learn to embrace before the doors of “True Freedom” whatever that means to you, is realized. We know this by studying the lives of countless other people.


It usually goes something like “I couldn’t do “it” because of “this or that”, then “destiny or fate” comes in and “shakes up” our routine, the person then says “finally I found the courage to face and OVERCOME my fear.”

This Statement can be true for ANY fear in your life. It is so important to destruct our past in our thinking conscious minds and find “root causes” for all the fears we have and begin to treat and heal the reasons we give ourselves for the fear in the first place…sounds complicated, but really I found that replacing that fear with my courage and willingness to overcome “_____ fear”  would always unravel the fear quickly.

What you focus on grows so best to not focus on “the fear” but the Vision and progress towards that Goal you are making.

Rule #2 Respects Rule #1, for what could we ever accomplish together peacefully living in Fear of a shadow…


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