Mueller Indicts 13 Russians and 1 American


“no collusion” on February 16th 2018 Trump Tweets…as we all await our Mighty U.S. “Military Parade.

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I don’t know about you, but every time I have seen countries’ doing this “bad things” happen. I vote hell no

The main stream media will decay your mindset to one of partisanship at the least and paranoid psychosis at most. We all fall somewhere in the middle whether we are aware of it or not. Your actions not intentions tell everyone about you America c’mon. We are bigger than little penis’ right because that’s what it’s all about whose is longer competition…That’s not only reckless but obscene in the year 2018 I feel no division against my fellow American I feel divided by Trump and all he stands for.


I believe in the idea of an alternative media as much as main stream or State run media because of the different perspectives on subjects. I can get opposing opinions on many topics in order to learn how to do something and discern what I know to be “the truth” in a range of topics from…. politics to coin collecting Clinton to Maher all from the written words or YouTube videos in front of my face on my iPhone.

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I want to inspire more writers and more readers and support a lifelong dream to blog about topics I care about…lofty dreamy topics like Climate Change or Child Sex Trafficking or Passive Income Generation or Buisness Management.

The Middle Class will incorporate advertising into their everyday lives in my opinion this will be a way to earn fortunes in the years to come. Blogs and YouTube Vlogging is the future any personality you desire to read to trust in for factual information must be verifiable by a third party at all times. There is no room for “Alternative Facts” and I think we all know that.

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Writers must persist in providing the Truth to their writers and great information that helps the reader progress in some small way. Stand up Straight with your shoulders back for 1 week really try to do it what you focus on grows so best to focus on that which moves your life forward. The human mind will place you where you belong.


So you MUST have the will to sharpen your mind and progress to the highest level possible in your life assuming you know “The Love of Money” is negative but having a lot of income at the top of your game offers you extreme happiness in all aspects of your life. Re-fall in love with yourself and your life. Look at those people and things around you and say thank you, never say “damn my kid sucks I can’t make any money.” EVEN if said in jest this is Not the way you want to program your mind. Okay I suppose I’m going in a tangent here but Someone wants others to believe that Russia has undermined our Democracy. I am here to say whatever is said about “collision” won’t surprise me one bit. One American has been indicted with over 10 Russians…Americans seem to forget our largest terrorist threat is “lone wolf” killers NOT Abu Jafar and his Mexican gangster friends. Americans need Jobs…really? Search this one blog and you will find at least 25 ways to earn extra money not only that but a steady passive one if you choose. It ALL DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH TIME you are willing to trade  or that’s the way it used to be…time does not have to equal money. Make your own money machine ~Tony Robbins


The World is changing fast stay informed Listening to all and following no one…I say that realizing that I will now ask you don’t forget to follow me if you are getting anything from this blog.

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My links are hidden throughout my blog posts on my everyday articles on what I enjoy, making it fun for me to make you read what we all find interesting! Sounds Interesting at least in theory…I thank you if you have read this far. I hope you find my writing “scattered and thoughtful” as a close friend put it

I hope you will continue to provide a voice of different perspectives and contradictions. Don’t forget to follow me lol please reach out if you need an ear to listen!

Sincerely Everyone




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