Rule #1 Perservere

Written By: Dustin McKennon


”its all in your head”

Every day when I first wake in the morning I have to remind myself why I am getting up it happens so fast nowadays I can count on my concious mind to remember the Vision and the numerous goals and pursuits I want to accomplish while on earth.

Experts say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything, what do they know? That is Perseverance my friends. 90% of our population doesn’t do this and you can see it or you can be critical of it or whatever but you can’t deny the statistics.


Whatever it is that “sets your heart on fire” you must progress in and you must figure it out, when? Who cares…You make a choice even when you choose not to. I guess I’m trying to say “follow your heart” AND Use your mind for analytics…When you train your unconscious mind to do the right things for you, “it” “fear” no longer affects you. You go through life having purpose and you will do well in life. Do the opposite and the same is true.


All there is, is LOVE with shades of dark energy, frequency, and vibration. Life is your perception of what you experience. You can affect how you learn using soulful mindfulness.

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The point of rule number one is never forgetting it because if you do you will fall into mediocrity and never grow to self actualization. Honesty, open-mindedness, and ACTION, will take you far.

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