Why You Should Be Listening to Christopher Aaron, and no,not the kid from Winnie the Pooh! Igold Advisor Youtube

Honestly, Honesty is the Best Policy…Tell Trump before we die in nuclear war. Why didn’t he stick to Steaks and Trump U???

American Freedom Project



is a must watch for myself every Wednesday. Christopher Aaron who served our country bravely, did some deep self searching. I don’t want to speak for him but came to the conclusion that he wanted to give back to the middle-class in the form of his knowledge of the markets. He doesn’t shove information down your throat. He won’t tell you that Gold and Silver are going to the moon, but he also doesn’t say they are going to tank either. Chris works with the data presented in front of him. His analysis is among the best on the net and he has yet to prove himself wrong, if not off by a day or a couple. He doesn’t claim to be a guru or anything like that. He tells it like it is and follows the same philosophy of listen to all follow none. He also offers a…

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