Why is the United States Olympic Committee NOT paying its Athletes?

??? Really No Outrage hmmm…

American Freedom Project

Written by Dustin McKennon @djmckennon

The United States Olympic committee has over $500 million in there vaults and our Olympic athletes that sacrifice so much of their time to represent America get paid 6% of the annual budget overall. So imagine that you had one dollar and that dollar was the United States Olympic committee  they’re getting paid 94 cents of that dollar,  compared to .06 cents to EVERY ATHLETE  they oversee. To be fair to the USOC,  they do provide health insurance for the athletes and training rooms and tracks and everything you need and no equipment  to my knowledge. The point is the rest of the expense falls on the athlete. often have to take all manual labor jobs to support their dream of representing America in the Olympics.  If they have over $500 million in their “war chest” and are the most watched program during that two…

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