DO NOT MISS OUT ON EASY EARNING. If you can read that sentence, you can earn over and over again. No one said it’s all that easy. The tools are here to make you a “VIP” meaning, someone with Vision-a goal. Initiative-take action towards the goal. Perspective-Evaluation of where your headed. These tools alone without marketing will make you a success if you have discipline and perseverance. Each article on Passivepay has opportunities to earn cash, you simply read, click, and follow what your into. I have found the “reliability” at NO COST to ANYONE.


These are are viable “passive earning” or “jobs online” Stay ahead of the curve. Everything CASH is Online or going to be soon.


Everything you need is on passivepay.blog Once you discover these links actually add value to your life and help you to generate “around the clock cash flow” you will live on your own time (your most valuable asset) Instead of trading time for money, you make your own time work for you!

The more articles on passivepay.blog you read the more opportunity you may notice that you never did before. Please reach out and comment about the services. I want people to know this is completely legitimate and legal!


This is about growing our tribe to help others and ourselves who deserve a second chance or even just a fair shot at a descent living.

Yes, my friends it’s time for EQUAL PAY for EQUAL WORK, whether it’s hard labor or SMART Labor our lower to upper class positions have these opportunities to succeed with passive income generating profits from dawn to dusk as the “people on WallStreet do” Follow Your Hearts and Goals! You made it here, you WILL click on a life changing opportunity if you give yourself a chance to succeed. I’m here for support! My form is below (Reach Out!)



Reach Out Anytime! I hope you find each strategy as helpful to your families financial well-being as my my own!


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