FBI might keep more secrets from Congress after Nunes memo release

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American Freedom Project


WASHINGTON — The House Intelligence Committee’s dueling partisan memos about FBI surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser will result in federal agents keeping secrets to themselves because they no longer trust Congress, experts warn.

“It’s already having an impact,” said Mike Rogers, a retired Michigan Republican congressman and ex-FBI agent who chaired the committee from 2011-2014. “The intelligence community isn’t going to lie to the committees. But they’ll go into the 100-question mode: if a committee only asks three questions, they’ll leave the other 97 on the table. They’re not going to volunteer information any more.”

The FBI headquarters building in Washington, D.C.
Yuri Gripas, AFP/Getty Images
More: Democrats blast Trump decision to block release of Russian investigation memo
Andy Arena, former FBI agent in charge of the Detroit field office, calls it giving the “Reader’s Digest” version of a classified briefing to Congress.

“As an FBI agent, I’m…

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