Dow Jones suffers worst day in over six years as global stock markets plunge

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lightning-strike-night-storm-38541.jpegThe Dow Jones industrial average dropped 4.6% as investors fled amid fears of rising interest rates: ‘This was volatility unleashed’

US stocks took a further steep plunge on Monday, with the Dow Jones industrial average dropping 1,175 points, the largest one-day points fall on record and erasing all the gains made so far this year.

Why are global stock markets falling?

The drop came after another bad day on global markets as investors reacted to global equity losses overnight and concern that central banks will increase interest rates in response to inflationary pressures from surging global economies.

The Dow dropped 1,600 points in one instance before bouncing back. The index is now off more than 1,800 points over two days of trading. Global stock markets have shown little volatility over the last few years amid a period of unprecedented low interest rates that followed in the wake of the great…

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