Bringing “Sexy Back”


I’m sure everyone has heard this expression, “Strong is the New Sexy.” It’s the newest wave of motivation, that has been getting more and more people up and out to the gym and eating healthy. But why is this sentence so important? And how can we embrace it in our daily lives?

My favorite part of this statement is what it emphasizes. In the past when most people, especially women, expressed their desire to lose weight, it was because they wanted to be skinny. They wanted to fit into the size zero, to be the smallest they could. This came from the social norm that the smaller you are, in terms of weight alone, the more attractive you are.

Too skinny is NOT Sexy
Today, girls look at magazines that are air brushed, where the models are skinny beyond what is healthy. That body type is what girls have looked to as inspiration to lose weight, and I believe that this is not a good thing.

What those girls might not realize, is that it is not okay to be all skin and bones. And it is absolutely not okay to deprive yourself of the nutrients your body needs. Being that skinny for too long can cause serious health problems, and we need to really push to change the views of what is attractive and healthy.

“Strong is the New Sexy” does just that. This expression is the first step to giving girls a positive role model to strive for. It goes against the stereotype that skinny is sexy, and instead promotes being physically fit is sexy and attractive instead. A girl with a six pack who can do 100 push ups, who is an athlete and works hard for her body is a much better role model. A woman who makes healthy food a priority and who lifts weights and works out is someone that can lead by example, and help young women everywhere strive for better.

American Ninja Warrior

One of my favorite examples of strong is the new sexy are the women who compete in the American Ninja Warrior competitions. These women have dedicated their lives to being strong, and being healthy. When you listen to the commentators giving each woman’s background and and athletic history, very often you hear that they were gymnasts, or have been working out for a majority of their lives.

The women go through the obstacles of the course, each one getting more challenging the further they go. I remember thinking while watching, that even the first obstacle looked impossible, let alone the later ones. However, watching these women face each different obstacle and succeed, even when it looked like it couldn’t be done, was inspiring (there’s a reference there to our own lives and obstacles somewhere). They pushed through, set their sights on a goal, and succeeded. This is what the goal is. This is what we should be teaching young girls to aspire to. Not to do the quick fix diets and lose weight fast just to get skinny. We should be teaching them to set an attainable goal, and focus on that.

Men are sensitive too
Another aspect of this statement that I love is that it is changing the view that only men should be using heavy weights, and women should stick to lower weights. In my Orange Theory Fitness class that I take, EVERYONE is encouraged to push the limits, to push the amount of weight they are lifting, and tone their entire body, not just the guys. Toning comes from increasing your weights and getting stronger. The more muscles you have, the more fat you burn at rest as well. So lift those weights girls! And push yourself further than you ever thought possible.

While this post is mainly about women and the influence they have on young girls, this lesson can be for guys too. The same social pressures that influence girls to look a certain way also influence guys as well. The pressure to look good and build as much muscle as possible also affects guys and the way they view their body.

So have this goal. Be healthy! Be strong! Be Sexy. And absolutely believe that you can push yourself and succeed in fitness and in eating healthy. Make the commitment and do what you have to do to get there. Surround yourself with people who know about your commitment, and who will support you even if you fall off. You can do it. 🙂

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