Why I Follow PassivePay.blog

Written By Dustin McKennon

My psychology professor was “worth a dime and a cup of coffee” and although I wanted to punch him, I knew it was the truth. I live in the Rural Midwest and Counseling Jobs are hard to come by. I tried to make it work with 4 different jobs and each one told me I wasn’t who they were looking for. Now you can imagine the deflation you feel when you realize your not getting anywhere or going anywhere fast is the way they say it. This is why American Freedom Strategies is going to work. It is anti establishment and helps expand the middle class from the internet out using proven strategies that really work! Join me in the good life now!


Passive Pay is American Freedom! Generate your opportunies through my mistakes. I had to research for years to get to this point. I am simply presenting, whoever will listen what helped me as a stay at home dad and my family who uses some of these techniques to make extra cash when they need it. You can do it or not do it but you can’t say these techniques don’t work. I’m living proof. Check out the links throughout this blog concerning health, wealth, and happiness and tell me it’s not worth it to give it a go. Thanks for checking out my blog! Contact me for services provided anytime.




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