Looking for the Rarest of Currency in GEM Uncirculated Condition? Click below to Purchase now.


Open me to see amazing deals on currency and collectibles, including gold and silver.

It’s one thing to make false claims but with the confidence of my buyers I am happy to offer everyone on this site who emails my primary email djmckennon@live.com free shipping and 5% off the listed price. This is applicable on all American Liberty Currency Notes.

Look through the website and message me with what you would like and I will adjust the price and you can pay right here without a middleman. I believe in the Golden Rule and Karma. I would never even think to screw anyone over. Please write testimonials to confirm my word. This is my living I would not jeopardize it for anything. I have some of the rarest Brilliant GEM UNC 1-70 scale these are 67 on up to 70 ungraded. Norfed currency available signed anniversary $50’s and $20’s in anniverary sets $20 checks, $500 Notes, and $1000 notes. I have one of the largest collections of Norfed currency..of less the 5% left. This was the first time an individual went against the government to create gold and silver backed currency. The Gov. Smashed Mr. Von Nauthaus but in the end returned most of his 2 tons of Gold and Silver they confiscated from individuals but destroyed all but less than 5% of total gold and silver certificates, OPPORTUNITY is HERE  (collector value) puts them higher! Send me an offer if interested. I have Nor-fed Silver and other Numismatic Currency and Silver Coinage not listed on E bay. PayPal and E bay Fee you to death. However, if it makes you feel more comfortable I am willing to go through PayPal to protect both parties.





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