Our Freedom is undermined and we’re on the defense??

Written By Dustin McKennon @djmckennon

What happened to the days when America was all “apple pie and frisbee golf” Technology is slowly taking away our liberty.

It’s convenient and cost-effective but look at these companies Walmart Amazon eBay they are huge they are smashing the rest of their competition and that worries me let alone threat of nuclear war.  We are also fighting a war against consumerism. It may be  A war fought online but it’s also a war wagered within yourself to become king or queen that you were meant to be  in order to contribute to society  and follow your own dreams.  These are fundamental rights in America.  We don’t even stop to think about our freedom until it’s taken away, trust me I’ve been there.  Somehow we have found ourselves in a situation where we are in the twilight zone it seems.  However, I believe everything happens for reason and this next election will be a huge event No doubt.  The Nunez memo was simply an attempt to undermine our democracy.  I’m not just harping on the Republicans. Democrats don’t have any balls to get anything accomplished and the Republicans have a useful fool as president and just when they try to get anything done  our so called useful fool, logs in on Twitter and tweets something erratic and ruins everyone’s plans for using him. He is Dangerous and obviously a loose cannon. Be prepared.  You will always hear me say this. It is better to be two years early than one day late in this situation we all find ourselves in.  2008 was an American thing this time it’s going to be the whole world economic system collapsing in here we are talking about Russia interfering in our elections instead of doing something about it the stock market plunged on Friday and Monday is going to be interesting I have a feeling.  Listen to all follow no one.  remain adaptable be prepared.

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