Online Addiction Counselor

Written by Dustin McKennon

I have a certificate in Addction Counseling (LAC) if you are struggling or someone else you know is struggling please reach out. It doesn’t have to be to me, but please do not suffer in silence.

I have 3 years experience and a B.A. in Psychology. I too have been to the “school of hard knocks” I hope that made you smile…no seriously though I’ve been there from smoking crack with my mom to almost dying from a fentanyl overdose twice.

I am not trying to glorify addiction. This disease takes an opiate addict at a rate of 7 people per hour. I’m here for you through pre planned (client and counselor) individual phone, email, and Skype sessions. I look forward to hearing from you. I care a lot for addicts my family has lost many members due to this disease. Contact me @ djmckennon@live.com for a free one on one consultation.



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