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Mania to come in the precious metals in less time than you think!

Warning Warning Warning!!!!!

American Freedom Project

I have been watching Christopher Aaron of igold power for about 2 1/2 years now, enough to know when someone is consistently correct in a market. Note how he focuses on the charts in front of him telling the future as we know it. Now listen, I say listen to all follow none. You should listen to this guy before your buried before you get off the line…Truth speaks we only need listen. Stock up on gold and silver people! I predict 2021 No one will sell their silver due to fear and limited supply. Did you know Silver is only second to oil in its over 10,000 applications you see it every day when you look in the mirror my friends. I’m calling Silver to meet or even exceed the price of gold at least for a while due to its above ground rarity compared to Gold. In Remain…

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