Let me serve

Written By Dustin McKennon

Okay by now you probably have figured out that affiliate marketing is tough and it can be disappointing sometimes, don’t give up! Preserving is the 🔑 to this game.

You build what you think in your mind is a perfectly rational life you have a wife maybe a couple of kids or maybe you’re single and out on the scene, either way you’re looking to make some connections do some networking make some cash but it just isn’t working for you I mean that’s kind of how it happens right we all are together during our younger years and then we slowly grow apart,  at least that is my life experience.

Facebook does not solve that problem 93% of what we do is in or nonverbal communication and tone of voice only 7% is what we actually say the words Facebook does not create relationships it destroys them but that’s a whole Nother topic, once you are financially free you can do whatever you want with your family and friends and go wherever you want with your family and friends because you won’t have to worry about income generation that’s that point.  Please provide your information below if you’re interested in a free consultation for any sort of writing that you need done or for addiction counseling. I believe the key to this whole thing is connection with other people if you provide value for another person they will give you a dollar if you provide a whole new life for that person through your wisdom you will give that person anything they want. Share, Tithe, Give of your body, mind, and soul to whatever makes you think “wow I LOVE doing this, receiving this, and giving this” Helping others helps yourself.

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