America, WAKE UP Play Offense against Russia.

Written By Dustin McKennon @djmckennon

Do you Trust your Government?

I proclaim we stand united and not vote for the lesser of two evils. When Trumps leadership fails watch out, preparation is key during this time in history. I am not being paranoid. I am critically aware of my surroundings. I read about politics, psychology, and the markets. I suggest you do the same. Listen to all follow none. Remain adaptable. When people believe in “alternative facts” our principles are cracking because the Pillars of our democracy are eroding.


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America is walking a fine line. We are faltering. Our own president is undermining our democracy. Please prepare for what is to come. Food, Water, cash and silver. Why aren’t we working on our voting system? What are we doing to actually create change in America? Look I’m a stay at home dad 34 years old. If I can see that the government is dividing us, Think about it Republican and Democrat it’s one or the other it’s always one side or the other there’s no middle ground this automatically divides us we are Americans that’s the only thing that matters.  Something has to happen with our institutions in our government to remain sane. Continue in

Education you can take to the bank!

If you have learned something from this post that will change your behavior in some way..if I have added value to your life feel free to donate to my causes this is how I make a living beside my passive income generation techniques I have given you for FREE. Thanks 🙏🏻


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