Slenderman is back!!

I heard on the news in Wisconsin girl killed because of slender man again I think our society is at a point where we are going to break some time in the not so distant future no don’t give me wrong I’m not trying to be fair based here trying to be critically aware of the situation when newscasters can look you straight in the face and talk about the threat of nuclear war and the blast radius wouldn’t even reach so so. Or affect you in anyway yeah right you have to be where and critically so.

Get food nonperishable, water have protection some silver and somewhere safe to reside I would stay away from the cities.

Pardon my punctuation I’m sick today so I’m  talking into my phone. There was also a school shooting today another one it’s normalized this is the society we live in the dystopian 1984 ?

How much longer will be live the illusion there’s a huge crack in the mirror and that’s good. People are awakening faster and faster now…The future is now so LIVE IT!

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