What is Affiliate Marketing and why does it work so well is a question that everyone wants to know. This post explains exactly what Affiliate marketing is and how it works.

American Freedom Project

Every business desires to make profits by getting as many customers as possible and in the process increasing sales. There are many ways to drive sales, and one of them that is very convenient and preferable to many entrepreneurs is affiliate marketing. Some people are familiar with the term because they’ve probably heard it thrown around from different
quarters. So what really is this type of marketing and what does it entail?

In simple terms, it is a form of internet marketing where the affiliate (person referring
customers), signs up for a merchant’s affiliate marketing program. The affiliate then
recommends the merchant’s products to customers and earns a commission on every sale
made. It’s similar to what used to exist before internet marketing became mainstream;
where sales representatives would go out and get customers and then be paid a
commission for every sale made. To some extent, this type of marketing also intertwines

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