Trump prepares for his ‘must see TV’ first State of the Union address

By Dustin McKennon @djmckennon

Tuesday night President Donald Trump makes the annual presidential trip up Pennsylvania Avenue to address Congress.

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Trump’s first State of the Union address will be “must see TV” according to White House officials, who have been teasing the speech as an opportunity for the president to tout his administration’s accomplishments over the past year. But exactly what is in the speech remains a mystery, even to many in the president’s inner circle.


I expect the “The State of our Union is Strong,” especially from Mr. Trump. The “Dreamers” and “Infrastructure” are sure to be topics of discussion. All I know is that things appear healthy but the #me too movement is uncovering so much 💩 This Supermoon is a sign 😂 More people are waking up to the stench each and every day! I’m not sure about the entire state of the union but what I do know is ALOT of people are not in a strong position to make money. Here’s a little help. If you can write you can EARN EXTRA CASH  with this my goal is to improve ALL of the Union not just special interests! God Bless America! Liberty 🗽 for all!


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