Why is the United States Olympic Committee NOT paying its Athletes?

Written by Dustin McKennon @djmckennon

The United States Olympic committee has over $500 million in there vaults and our Olympic athletes that sacrifice so much of their time to represent America get paid 6% of the annual budget overall. So imagine that you had one dollar and that dollar was the United States Olympic committee  they’re getting paid 94 cents of that dollar,  compared to .06 cents to EVERY ATHLETE  they oversee. To be fair to the USOC,  they do provide health insurance for the athletes and training rooms and tracks and everything you need and no equipment  to my knowledge. The point is the rest of the expense falls on the athlete. often have to take all manual labor jobs to support their dream of representing America in the Olympics.  If they have over $500 million in their “war chest” and are the most watched program during that two weeks when the Olympics happens in the winter and summer? They make over $800 million from advertising during those two weeks and they don’t pay the athletes but 15,000 maybe  unless of course you’re a Michael Phelps.

The fact is the USOC which doesn’t pay taxes either by the way, is hoarding money and paying their top CEOs in there 47 different organizations  hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars each year in leaving the athletes to fend for themselves and rack up credit card debts is this how we treat those that want to represent the red white and blue?

This is a call to action folks. If anybody who reads this has any  political pull  maybe tell a lobbyist This is not right.  These talented athletes have chosen their dream to represent America and have to work just like every day Americans, the fact that they are representing all of us means they should be able to earn  some of the US OC coffers especially when CEOs or taking hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, once again. and tget this, the USOC will not even let them say certain words during certain times such as summer, gold, silver, bronze,  and others. They will not even let them get sponsorship from sponsors that don’t also sponsor the United States Olympic committee, (example) so if I’m T-Mobile and I want to sponsor an athlete I can’t do that because the United States Olympic committee is not sponsored by T-Mobile either. There is AlOT wrong here. My job as a writer is to provide you with trending information.  My job as a American is to expand the middle class through passive income generation via the Internet and pushing buttons for change.


2 thoughts on “Why is the United States Olympic Committee NOT paying its Athletes?”

  1. It is an extreme outrage to know that all this money has been used as a vehicle to supply a bunch of non athletes ridiculous paying jobs. The execs also receive all expense paid Olympic vacations for thier families to the olympics. While they do build extravagant training facilities, most athletes cannot afford to attend because they have to work close to home and work. In other words, they support themselves while training to represent this country. The training centers are being rented out to the athletes of our competitive countries. That’s right folks… more income for extravagant salaries while training athletes to beat our Americans. Quite the machine we are running. Other countries have no problem footing our bill to train thier athletes. Real Sports on HBO has a good story about this. Very sad for our athletes

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