Sick with Flu on your Birthday? Your not alone!

American Freedom Project

By Dustin McKennon @djmckennon

So if you follow my blog You know today is my birthday. I went to bed last night with a horrible headache and woke up with horrible stomach pains I want to go change my sons diaper and that was it I lost it and had to go to the bathroom and release if you know what I mean anyway I’ve never been sick on my birthday especially with this super blood moon. it’s very disappointing.

I’m not here to whine complain about being sick but I’m here to show you that it is important to keep working even when you’re sick especially if you’re at home if you want your presence to grow online, you must continue to post through sickness and in health. Look at your blog like a marriage in order to maintain you have to communicate and speak truth otherwise it falls…

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