Are you suffering from the opioid epidemic or from addiction?

By Dustin McKennon @djmckennon

Looking back when I started this blog, I was having trouble coming up with what the name should be because I feel like a jack of all trades in most topics, meaning I know a little about a lot, but of course this is my opinion. What I did not think about specifically were my degrees in psychology and addiction counseling. I was focused on my grant proposal writing skills In order to create a blog that was easily deciphered and could make people passive income. That is my mission.

However;  I have decided to ad a new segment to my blog…Professional Counselor because that’s what I love to do, help people.  If I do not utilize this education why am I paying hundreds of dollars every month for student loan debt right? I am a licensed professional with experience & expertise specifically in addiction (LAC)  I have two internships and one year of experience under my belt and if anybody is dealing with anxiety, depression addiction OCD, PTSD, Bipolar disorder etc.. I am qualified to speak on those topics and offer my professional opinion on practical steps you can take.  I grew up in a household where drugs were prevalent in my teens and my mother suffered from major depression.  If this service is something that interests you and you find yourself in that dark place  please reach out, it doesn’t have to be to me but please reach out to someone you don’t have to do this alone.

I myself have been through the “wringer” as they say and I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD which many people don’t understand. I have been through drug addiction specifically crack cocaine, marijuana, meth, and benzodiazepines but my main thing was opiates. Luckily I never had the courage to stick the needle in my arm or I would be dead by now for sure. I have almost passed away three times I have experienced 4 DUIs and two overdoses, both which put me in ICU for three days and one gave me a 20% chance to live with one of them my kidneys were shutting down.  I’ve actually attended treatment three specific occasions back in the late 2000’s myself  had the breathalyzer machine in my truck for three years been on probation supervised and court multiple times so much money wasted but it took Jay O to really wake me up and get me right back on the path to finish my degrees.

To be completely frank, I’m lucky I’m not a “vegetable” All this in my 34 years today being my birthday. I could provide many examples of experiences during my addiction, but I’ll save that for one on one sessions if you are interested in knowing what I’ve been through before we start talking about issue(s)  you may be dealing with.  In any case I have dealt with a lot of death in my family and persevered through it all.

I quit high school with 3 months left due to a crack addiction… I decided that I would go to college for psychology and it took me eight years but I ended up with three different degrees that you already know about and those eight years were quite a struggle but I must say the statistics are not good for people like me I am one of the very few that have overcame my troubled childhood and graduated college and I must say I am proud of that. What disappoints me is the system that gives me an education with no job to go with it so this is my best shot as a stay at home dad,  there is so much more I could be doing to help people and this is one of the services I will now be offering. I am happy to provide my credentials to any client receiving services from me.

It only seems natural to me to share what has helped and what hasn’t. You can beat your addiction no matter what it is shopping, porn, severe anxiety, drugs, etc…Thank you for checking out this Opportunity remember you don’t have to go through this alone!

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