Steyn: Hillary’s ‘B****es’ Video Like ‘Betty White Doing a Rapping Granny Routine’

Mark Steyn reacted to Hillary Clinton’s “B****es Supporting B****es” video, and ripped the former first lady for claiming to be a feminist in light of new allegations.

In a recent rudimentary video, Clinton is seen thanking her female supporters for being feminists and activists.

Off screen, an aide tells her to say that she is one of the “activist b****es supporting b****es,” and Clinton complies.

“That… one is kind of pathetic,” Steyn said. “It’s like watching some weird ‘Golden Girls on Meet the Press’ [act]. Like Betty White doing a rapping granny routine – old broads talking dirty,” he said.

Steyn called the video “ridiculous” after it was released the day several reports surfaced alleging Clinton dismissed sexual harassment claims against a former campaign staffer in 2008.

On CNN this week, her then-campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle said a woman came forward and alleged harassment on the part of campaign aide Burns Strider.

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