American Liberty Currency

By Dustin McKennon @djmckennon

American liberty currency was created as an alternative to the federal reserve (a PRIVATE Corporate Institution) I might ad.  Created by Bernard Von Nauthaus in 1998, most might notably recall it was  created due to the Y2K scare of 1999. As an alternative to the US dollar which inflates and deflates Von Nauthaus’ American Liberty Currency was backed by Gold and Silver. Norford coins and American liberty currency were put out there to the General Public and were received incredibly well. In fact, they were succeeding so well, the government stepped in and smashed Mr. Bernard von NotHaus and his company. Our corrupt government stepped in and took all of this mans belongings so why wouldn’t they take yours? The feds took 2 tons of his gold & silver, along with all of the liberty currency out there,  I have read that around 250,000 people were involved with “norfed” (The Parent Company) and American liberty currency.  Mr. Von Nauthaus decided to go to court and get his gold and silver back, which he did and all of his customers got their stuff back too but the actual currency, the paper notes were all destroyed, except for very few.  I have been told by a source close to Von Nauthaus that less than 5% of the currency exists. I say this being an owner of this type of currency, but being completely upfront with you,  not forcing it down your throat. I am just sharing part of our historical monetary history here. I think one day in the not so distant future we will look back at Norfed and say they had it right and we didn’t learn then. Hopefully now we’re smart enough to use a finite amount of currency backed by tangible wealth and the Keynesian dialect will be dead 💀 FINALLY! If by any chance you are interested in norfed and their Silver and Currency are your thing you can always check out my eBay store if you’re at all interested in things like this. @Liberty 🗽 Silver Currency click the name it will take you right to the website.


When precious metals soar everyone’s going to be caught off guard and in for a big surprise. Fear drives this market  The one motion that’s more powerful than greed!  Fear will take this market to the moon when it is ready and 90% of the population, so I’ve read I have nothing to do with the silver market will know anything about it’s historical value as money for over 5,000 years. The person  who decided to pay attention to something when nobody else was looking at it will walk out way ahead of everybody else this is why they must prepare to protect themselves and their families. I’m no doom and gloomer, but we must be prepared, consciously aware, that our liberty could be at stake someday in the future and it’s better to prepare 10 years earlier than one day late, am I not right?


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