American Liberty Currency

American Freedom Project

By Dustin McKennon @djmckennon

American liberty currency was created as an alternative to the federal reserve (a PRIVATE Corporate Institution) I might ad.  Created by Bernard Von Nauthaus in 1998, most might notably recall it was  created due to the Y2K scare of 1999. As an alternative to the US dollar which inflates and deflates Von Nauthaus’ American Liberty Currency was backed by Gold and Silver. Norford coins and American liberty currency were put out there to the General Public and were received incredibly well. In fact, they were succeeding so well, the government stepped in and smashed Mr. Bernard von NotHaus and his company. Our corrupt government stepped in and took all of this mans belongings so why wouldn’t they take yours? The feds took 2 tons of his gold & silver, along with all of the liberty currency out there,  I have read that around 250,000 people were…

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