How do you feel about Passive Income?

Thanks for joining me! Let’s get real. Not many of these claims are true. I am Dustin. I’m 34 years old and after obtaining almost worthless degrees in Psychology, Addiction Counseling, and becoming a Grant Proposal Writer, and after failing at descent employment oppurtunities for really “no good reason, your just not what we’re looking for.” poor excuses, I decided to find out what I was doing wrong and what I found out helped me discover where my heart truly lies…In freedom, and more specifically, that kind of freedom you can only experience when you become financially independent; whatever the amount I just knew that I had to discover the PLAN these rich people are using copy it and surely I’ll win! Yaaaaaa….noooooo. That is not what happened I fell further into debt, starting but not finishing, a project in the “crystals business”. After that I found out that I was the happy over confident fool annoying any prospect for myself and getting on peoples’ nerves so I read the book “What Everybody is Saying” and changed my strategy….the strategies I’m sharing with you…a big shot of truth a heroin junkie might say. It’s not an accident if your poor…It’s not an accident if your rich. These are my life experiences and I believe they will help those looking for opportunity and knowledge, as well as help the middle class grow wealthy through easy to do passive income earning .

Thanks for continuing on the journey…keep your eyes open and get ready.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


It all started with a trip to Colorado with my son and my wife. We went there to relax and see the sights, go hiking and the such.  Second day we were there, I walked into a shop and everything changed as far as my mindset and the way I looked at things, below you will find passive pay is not impossible it’s a mission, my mission to create wealth everywhere not just at the top!

Can you believe that it took me 3 moves, 4 Jobs, and 8 years of University to reach it to the point of “daddy daycare” Status? Well, I must say I gave it the “Ol’ College try” guys and gals. I have degrees in Psychology, Addiction Counseling, and happen to be a Grant Proposal Writer. (Oh my!?)  I am married, 6 years now, to a wonderful woman I might add,  and have a beautiful son, Colton.

Please don’t read me wrong, taking care of my son is an amazing experience that most dad’s don’t get the chance to experience (although numbers have been on the rise of the man raising the children, so I have read) However, being a man who enjoys working on my passions and contributing to society not only that but to my share of the financial burden we shoulder on a teachers salary was worrisome to me. I mean should we bring another child into this world?  Are we on the verge of World War III what’s going on with Andrew McCabe etc. etc. etc.  with the debts that have been incurred already at the ripe old age of 34 what was I to do to contribute value, not only to my family, but to society at large???

I’m going to be upfront and honest with all of you. This blog is my mission to help you the way I helped myself, literally being a dad at home you are cut off from all of your friends and we all struggle through that. You know that time of moving into adulthood where we separate from our friends…they live their lives, we’re living ours and we simply lose touch, save social networking, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Becoming an addictions counselor was my top priority for very long time.  The only thing that stopped me from ultimately getting out of the house to get working and utilizing my degree(s) to help people, with a population of 19,782  my prospects were bleak. I had to do SOMETHING to make that greenback right? Everything seem to line up perfectly when our babysitter quit and I had to quit my job to become a stay at home dad.  Listen,  The way things are going now the way we are living is slowly fading and jobs will continue to move from main street to passive pay.blog or whatever…and that can be a difficult transition.

We hear about people doing it. We see it on YouTube people making hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars (they say this next 10 years will make more millionaires than the last 20 years combined, so I read.) and we think if only I could do that.

I’m here to say, as frustrating as it can be, It is definitely possible because I made it happen for myself.  if I can do it why can’t you??  I’m not going to try and talk you into doing anything but I will share what has worked for me, passive income stream(s) and get this, you WILL be paid while you sleep. If this is something that interests you check out what I did by clicking the link Passive Investors

I am a FIRM believer that we can rebuild America’s Financial Problems from the Internet out and rather easily. The quicker lower and middle class people realize the opportunities that lie on the net they will take advantage of them and not get left behind.  If you’re interested in learning about these techniques, you’ll be happy to know that the opportunities that have Made me an income that university could not provide will ALL be available to you at no charge  yes you read that correctly I will share every idea that has made me money during these years of searching and learning online techniques to make cash. Earn Passive Income Now!

You know, as all of America is wondering about Andrew McCabe, I remember one of my professors telling me that my degree in psychology was worth $.10 and a cup of coffee and man oh man was he right!!  College can be highway robbery  if you’re not  fully aware of the consequences,  why attend university anymore, when we can learn everything we need to know right here online no matter what subject you’re interested in you can get on YouTube and learn about it and then take action,  aside from becoming a doctor lawyer professional counselor things like that you can learn simple skills that will make you a ton of cash online that’s what this blog is!!

You see we are all (VIPs) we have vision, we take the initiative, and we gain perspective when we step back to evaluate what is going on around us.  Passive income allows us to take action not over and over again but just once or twice and then let the money tap run all the time. Turn On My Passive Income

I’m a real person. I’m not one of these people that are going to say the same old thing over and over but I will inform you on the things that have helped me and I hope these ideas help you was well.  This isn’t just another blog. This is about helping one another with financial freedom!

Whatever that means to you!  $2000 a month? $10,000 a month? More?  it’s all up to you! To see how I got started creating my own passive income stream and getting  paid around the clock, Click the link below and find out how easily I did it ladies and gentlemen. People in any position (stay at home moms dads bloggers bloggers extra income earners etc…) You will all benefit from saving your true wealth, time!  Your new beginning is one click away.  Thank you for joining my blog. Passive Investors


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